Friends I have completed my engineering in India and now working as a software developer. I am now planning to undergo my higher studies abroad. But I am really got confused on the universities there and every one I asked told different universities as the best one.

I want a place to learn well, as well as, get placed by the campus drive there itself.

Please help me to find a good one.

PS:I am a newbie when it comes to abroad...

What countries do you mean by abroad?

US, UK probably..

@ ChrisHunter,

Thank you bro. Can you tell a common estimation of how much will it cost in UK to have my studies there?

I couldn't tell you to be honest. It was £3,500(GBP) per year for my course when I was studying but I left just before the rise in fees. Now I think it's around £8,500 per year which is insane!.

Man thats really insane as you said. I am from India. So I heard that they will be adding some more too. Is that so @ChrisHunter?

@ss125, same here. I am also completing my graduation in India and also placed at good firm. actually, there fee structure is not suiting me. they are damn damn costly. yes, i have good score in GMAT, GRE, but may be cost can be the deciding parameter atleast for Indians. thanks.

The price might be different for you guys as you would be classed as foregin students and the application process will be a lot different.

You could alway ask to see how much the fees might be and what the application process would be.

yes! ChrisHunter! I know all things are quite different for us. and If we don't get more than 50% schlorship, then it may be impossible to even pay the fees of these universities. My bro has also tried a lot, although he was a brilliant student. but again, due to fee parameters, he is a lawyer here. is there any solution of this thing ? I mean any type of loan which i can pay after my MS, or any other schemes ? thanks for your help.


Ya you are right. This is the irritating fact about studying abroad.

is there any solution of this thing ? I mean any type of loan which i can pay after my MS, or any other schemes ?

Yes... I am sure that schemes are there , because my friends brother done MS in UK by loan procedure here. But the thing is we have to be sure about our future repayment, that is purely depending on the job we get... Thats y here I posted the question which includes the campus placements also.

I dont have any people to guide me to go for abroad. So I am out of help other than this forum. I hope you are living there in UK. If u have a free time can u ask some of your friends there about the fees structure for us? Because not only me, many of my friends and country men are hunger for knowledge but we are rejected due to Financial issues. So If u can help us, It will help many people who are hunger like me...

Thank you...

I Googled it and came up with these two webistes that might be helpful.

I don't know anything about the process or fees though because I'm British so I had a different application process.


Both the websites are blocked in our company's proxy. So I will go through that after reaching my place and reply you.

Man both are wonderful links.But £3,500 to about £18,000 thats a huge sum for us to pay. Anyway @ChrisHunter, both the links states about the colleges in UK only. What about US bro?

I studied in the UK and have never looked into studying in the U.S so I can't help you with that one.


Its ok Bro...Thank you for your efforts. Someone from US can also help regarding this I hope.

A friend of mine did his BA In software engineering at Oxford, then left for Harvard to do the masters in computer science, and finished with a PhD from the MIT, where he is now a Professor ;)

Im about to do my last year of MCompSci at Oxford, maybe to stay and do my PhD in physics or computer science. Its really a case of grades and stuff before you can get picky...

@mattster, Can you temme the cost for studies out there?