There doesn't seem to be an appropriate other forum for this, even though it relates to the internet, so I'll resort to here. I had a typo and accidentally was directed to a page that listed four toll-free telephone numbers for Hotmail:
That's odd, I thought, because in general MSN/Hotmail tries to hide from customers, not talk to them. So I tried calling. At least two of the nubmers seem to be the same company, and at least three of the numbers seem to be outside the U.S. And none of them are at Hotmail offices. They seem to be some kind of random funnel for tech support, but refused to give me any information, such as about their charges or expertise. Why would someone want to call an unknown secretive overseas company for tech support?

It sounds like some sort of phishing scam. When I google for those numbers, I get hits of all kinds, mostly saying that each of these numbers are tech-support numbers for microsoft / MSN / hotmail, facebook, norton, and just about any other prominent IT company.

My guess is that you call there, for tech-support, and they get you to give them your credentials (username / password). And the rest is obvious.

Wow, Mike, you're even more suspicious than I am! But very likely right. I was thinking that maybe they try to talk you into buying things. If it's a scam, though, I'm surprised their numbers don't get shut down by the U.S. telephone company.

I doubt Ma Bell (as us telephone companies are called) care as long as they get their money.