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Lesson Learned... never pull out a gun in fron of a veteran. LOL

I thought that was very interesting, this stuff normally happens in movies...

Too bad he couldn't keep the guy there for the cops.

@Jim, He probably did call the cops.

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@Ancient Dragon

Nice article. Where do you come up with these articles. I never heard of the libertarian republic before til now. Is this right wing or left wing? I think Reverend might have read these articles somewhere on other sites. Don't know.

Nope. Never heard of that site before. And for the record, I do not consider myself a libertarian.

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Libitarian is a political party that has been around in the USA for many many years.

OK, AD. I am not very familiar with political party. But Thanks for explaining that, now I know. I actually voted for Ralph Nader back in 2000. It was my first time voting. Then I realized it's best to stick 2 parties. So I'm republic party. It's just basic voting. It's nothing like what you just mention

Sometimes I have voted Republican, sometimes Democrat, and a couple times Other. It all depends on who is running for that job and whether I agree with their campaign speeches, which are often just so much malarkey.

Reminds me of the line from Die Hard 2 when John Amos says "No. You were right. I am an a$$hole. I'm just your kind of a$$hole." As long as you consider the issues and don't just vote blindly for "your party" I can respect that. Of course, once they get in they'll just do what they want regardless.

The lesson is: "Carry your gun with you all the time!"

The lesson is: "Carry your gun with you all the time!"

Because in a civilized society you just never know when you'll have to kill somoebody.

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