can anyone tell me the reliable and good source from where I can keep track of all the vacancies in the companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo etc ? thanks if you can help me. source that is reliable and on which i can be somewhat "dependent". thanks.

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sheesh, still at it trying to land that job at a high profile company after being supposedly already rejected by all of them?

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what the hell!! what do you mean by all of them ? Don't comment if you don't know anything. rejected by only 5 of them , total companies visited my campus this year is 66. and i was selected in 6th company. relax!!

don't keep looking for those, first build up some experience aka a reason for them to consider you to be interesting.

if you do want to follow their vacancies ... I'm pretty sure Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon have figured out how to create an official website by now...


yes, but Not only these 3, i need to keep track of many of them at one place. checking microsoft and 10 companies' official web-pages is not an easy task. I know and I will first get some experience first. Is it a crime to keep track of them or know some sources before-hand for keeping track ? It is not a crime in India atleast. I hope you will understand what i am trying to say. thanks. ;)

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-1 for living in a fantasy world and attention seeking as an adult

it's not a crime, but if watching 10 sites on a daily basis is too much of an effort ...
besides, at this point, watching those sites is a waste of your time. they will not hire you. maybe in a few years, with gained experience and recommendations, but at this point, no.
so, especially if you find it impossible to keep track of ten sites: stop keeping track of the sites where you (should) know by now they won't hire you, and start looking into more realistic opportunities.

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