last night , the downvote counter was at 6.
it hasnt been 8 hours , and my downvote counter rockets upto 27! all with just 2 members who have downvoted.

one point though : when i click the "posts voted down" , shows only 3 posts.

ps : i dont get any "upload" or "insert into editor" options after choosing a image for upload

Depending on the speed of your connection and the size of the file it might take a few seconds for the post-upload options to appear.

That's odd.

I can explain the "posts voted down" section showing only 3 posts. This is because this section only shows the posts that are currently negative overall. This means that all those down-votes were counter-balanced by the up-votes on the same post.

But the overnight down-votes is very weird. And being that you only have a total of 2 down-voters, it would seem like someone has a grudge against you. Knowing who is beyond my "powers" as a moderator.

In any case, this is not the end of the world, but if it keeps on going, we'll have to look into it.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Your overall post rating is 69% and you have 18 members who have uprated you compared to just 2 that have downvoted. If it keeps up, let us know and we will monitor the situation but, to be honest the anonymous nature of the post rating system (as opposed to the reputation system) makes it difficult to do much about it. Chances are you have annoyed (possibly downvoted) someone immature and they have responded by hitting the downvote button a few times. I

heh ... somjit, that does happen from time to time.
if you look at my stats on down-votes:

Total Down-Votes Received               218
Unique Posts Receiving Down-Votes       209
Members Who've Down-Voted                43

most of which 'appeared' overnight, just like yours.
well, even though all claim to come here to learn, there 'll always be the odd goofball who 'll try to crash your reputation if you try to explain/teach them anything, or worse, have the nerve to explain why and where they are wrong.

Thanks for the vote of confidence guys :)
however , something even worse is happening rightnow - I can't log in from my own laptop into daniweb. Forget log-in , i cant even open any daniweb links !! chrome is giving an ACCESS_DENIED error when i try to open any daniweb links. I didnt do anything to any settings in either chrome or my antivirus software , so im not sure where to look into if its a case of firewall blocking daniweb.
Last i logged into daniweb from my own laptop was the time i made this post , and read "his" private message. ( yes , i did downvote two people last night with a comment , i doubt one of them , but no , i dont think he has a hand into the chrome heck happening right now)
Anyways , right now , my biggest concern is getting back into daniweb. Some help/suggestions would be a lifesaver !

ps : i'm on my room-mate's laptop right now.

Can you get to other web sites on your computer? A few suggestions:

  1. make sure your computer is always running antivirus program and a firewall.

  2. clear your browser's catch and temp files. You should do this on a regular basis.

  3. If that doesn't fix it delete all cookies and try to log in again

  4. Download a program that checks for malware -- antivirus programs don't do that.

i cleaned the cache using ccleaner , but wasnt working. Now , after a restart , seems to be working again ! they come like odd , and they go like odd :/

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The serial downvoters should be investigated IMO and told in no uncertain terms to behave themselves. While we shouldn't take downvotes too seriously, it is nevertheless galling to see your public standing blown to kingdom come by a few idiots. To say "don't worry" may not be enough to assuage the bitterness felt by contributors who give of their time to build this site into what it is today. I think some action needs to be taken. Sorry if I came over a bit strong there, but it's a real bugbear.

I agree and have stated similar feelings in the past.

I thought Dani had put some safeguards to prevent mass downvoting like a maximum number of downvotes in a 24 hour period.

James 2 will be along in a moment to confirm the details, but I understand that to be the case as well (regarding vote flooding)

I assume that there's a frequency based check where the time period is one day. If its not too much code , how about adding a nested check with a smaller time-period of one or two minutes or so ? That would check if a user is going on a downvote spree.

Flood control isn't presently enabled for voting, to the best of my knowledge. Dani may have implemented it in a non-obvious way without me noticing though. ;)

In light of the recent complaints, I've stepped up the priority of a moderator tool I wanted to write that lets us investigate (and possibly in the future, reverse) vote records without having to directly query the database. Pending Dani's approval, that should at least make it easier to determine if it's potentially a matter of harrassment.

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