Hi, I was doing a search to find a solution to the problem of having a screen display upside down. I found it on this site, but I was required to register to be on, and after registering, I could no longer find the answer.

Does anyone know anything about this?

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Some display devices have ability to rotate the screen.
You need to change this setting.
Rightclick desktop (empty space) and choose properities.
The display properities window will apear.
Now, there are two possibilites (that I can think of) to access this setting. It's either by clicking on your video driver's specific tab (other than themes, desktop, screen saver, appearance and settings) and going from there or clicking settings tab and clicking advanced button which will open another window. That window should contain general, adapter, monitor, troubleshoot, color managment tabs plus your display driver's specific tab. Click on that tab and try to find the screen rotation settings.

In my case (GeForce 7800 GT) I need to go that second way to access my rotation settings (dropbox appears on the side with a set of display tools, among which is NVRotate tool that is responsable for such (funny) setting.

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