>Then how are you here? *Gasp* What if you're not here?! What if none of us are here!?!??
Daniweb is a figment of your warped little mind. How dare you dream up a tech forum run by a girl, you pervert! ;)


DaniWeb is the only one I post on regularly nowadays, although I probably surf at least 50+ a day.

I see you on The Admin Zone every now & then. :)

I'm a member of TAZ, Daniweb, Sitepoint, v7, Digital Point, webmaster-talk, Ozzu, talk-freelance, phpbb.com, and maybe 30 more. Oh, and my own forums too.



Just Daniweb. though i dip my toes in various others as a guest now and again, just don't have the time for more. especially in the summer when id rather be on the beach

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