So basicly I am just looking for opinions on Computer Science degrees. I am currently a full time web developer for an ad agency. I am looking to increase my value, and create new opportunities outside web development. Should I go for a degree in Computer Science, or are there other educational paths I should take?

At the Bachelor's level, computer science is sufficient. Most colleges I know of don't have other paths, but you could specialize in web development, programming, etc. They all lead to Bachelor of Science (or Arts) in Computer Science. You safest bet is to look at the catalogs from the college(s) you want to attend, and ask their school counselor.

I've found that a computer science degree is not very helpful when doing web development. I'm coming from a B.S. in Computer Science and honestly found that there's very, very little that I did in school that has anything remotely to do with the LAMP development / jQuery / etc I'm doing today.

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Find a college that offer Socket Programming / Linix & Unix / Database classes. Languages like C, C++, java and etc ... are very common courses for all colleges.

I have a Bachelor of Technology degree (It's like a CS degree but it's not).

My final project that I did 15 years ago was an Artificial Intelligence game.

It was in javascript with css. I got a C grade but I pass and got my degree.

It was a requirement in order to graduate.

So go for it. Don't get discourage.

Should I go for a degree in Computer Science, or are there other educational paths I should take?

Since you're already in the field and have experience, I wouldn't waste my money on a degree. You could buy a CS textbook or two and be just as well off, with the only difference being no $xxx,000 piece of paper when you're done.

Focused classes would be much more effective and also cheaper than a full undergrad degree course. You might look into certification courses as well, which often offer a discount on the exam as a bonus.

What about Business Computing/Information technology? There is lots of web development involved in this one.

what education you want to get will depend on what job you want to do.
And don't take a very narrow "programming" curiculum, learn something about what you're programming so you have knowledge about what you're working on, makes you a lot more valuable to your future employers.