Symantec Scan Engine is a content-scanning engine. I have installed it in a Windows 2003 machine as a service. You connect to it via command line using this command "ssecls -server hostname:port filename". The hostname is the machine where it is installed and port is the default port that you choose at installation. filename is the file or directory you want to scan. "ssecls" is an executable that you can put in any machine and you can use it from the command line by navigating to the directory where it is saved. After you execute the command you get results on the same command window. I am able to do all this just fine. But I need to do really is to see if I can run this command once I have extablished a socket with the hostname from a java applicaiton. I am very new to network programming in Java so please take that into consideration in your replies. Any help is really appreciated.




try posting this is the java forums or possibly the networking forums?