I have started two courses on :

  1. Intro to Recommender systems
  2. An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python

From cousera.org these days. I am in week 1 of python and week 4 of recommender systems. So are these good courses which i am doing ? Or i can do something else ? You can assume that it is my free time which i am utilizing like this. any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance.

usually, you try to figure out whether the courses are worth taking before starting them.

don't know much about their certification program, but I found this review

mind that the "review" you link to is part of the corporate blog of a competitor to the company. Not exactly a reliable source of unbiassed information :)

As to the worth of "online certificates", what with the overwhelming flood of fraudulent institutions selling them to read anything and everything without any testing related to the subject matter that value is effectively zero.

jwenting: indeed, I don't think it's the best to go to, but it was in (at least the first 15) google results the only one that wasn't published by Cousera.org themselves. I doubt theirs would be completely neutral and honest :)

I don't want any certification and anything like that. I want knowledge in the particular domain. I was purely talking about the knowledge content. I want to explore the recommender systems field. If i dont get any certi even after completeting the course, I don't mind, But if i didn't get any knowledge after this, then i will regret that i have wasted my so much time in this course. Thanks.

I wrote the blog post you speak of. As a note, we don't compete with coursera in any way/shape or fashion (i'm not sure if anyone really
"competes" with coursera since they don't really make much money). We don't offer certification, nor do we publish any courses ourselves; the links underneath the post are to lists of 100% free courses -- meant as a resource for others. If you click through you might see that there is no way to spend money via any of those links, hence the name "OpenU".

The question I was attempting to answer was not meant to be biased, but if there are any sentences, phrases or paragraphs that appear biased, either for coursera or against it, please let me know and I will adjust it. I was attempting to view the value of their certificates in as unbiased a way as would be possible -- hence looking at it from several angles. I personally hate corporatey-style content, and I actually have no incentive to bias it in either direction, so if you read what I wrote and feel like it is like that, please let me know so I can adjust it. Also let me know which way you think my content is biased. Is it for coursera or against it?

Nitin -- regarding your question, I would say that a growing percentage of developers are hired based entirely on portfolios and demonstrations of skills via code samples (shown in github or via working applications), and in some cases, coding interviews where you actually build or do code when being interviewed. Many recruiters even believe that self-taught programmers are inherently better than those that go to universities, because they have proven via being self-taught that they can solve problems on their own, and they are more comfortable with uncertainty.

I would say that any course you can take online that claims to offer the ability to build skills or competence, pay attention to whether or not you can build something to actually demonstrate the skill. If you can add to your portfolio in any meaningful way, then the course is likely to offer a good use of your time.

I did networking course in cousera and to be fair, they have some preally good tutors. I had also tried Python and even though i never finished it was worth it. Good intruduction and basics. I think that's all you need any IT course you may choose to undertake.

so, is recommender systems course worthful to do ? AM i going right ? You all are great here so am asking you so that you can recommend me in the best possisble way. am i using my time in right way by learning python and by doing recommender systems course from coursera.org? thanks in advance.

Keep learning and doing.

Study Java, there are a lot more jobs to have.
To get a Python job you have to be very very good.
Let us know when you start your third course.