This simple game came from the children's story Goodnight Moon. If you've ever read it, the book constantly says "Goodnight" to an object or something in the room. This game is based off of that. All you need to do is post a Goodnight to something, someone, (pretty much anything you want).

I'll start:
Goodnight Daniweb.

good night to dreams .

Good night bad migraine that is torturing me. Please don't return when I wake up.

Goodnight AP Chem tests!

Goodnight Daniweb, i am going to bed!

good night ipad

Goodnight good night.

goodnight morning

goodnight thread.

goodnight goodnight

Goodnight- wait no- goodmorning?!

goodnight morning...

goodnight is for long time. now time changed. so GOOD MORNING.

Goodnight HoverportMedia! :)

Good night for whatever reason