You will find me lurking in Usenet News (google groups for some) in the groups alt.politics.economics and in sci.econ. I was for 30 years a very successful technoid. I created (or at least made major contributions to) a seismic monitor called "megasies" that was copied by most of the US geophysical industry in the 70's. My x boss was fired by Dick Cheney when we were both associated with Halliburton in the 90's. My last gig technical was as a hetrogeneous systems administrator with a company in Redmond Washington (not Gates) that relocated to Ohio where I refused to go.

But since the Newt Gingrich Repugnicans destroyed the technology sector of the US economy by flooding the industry with H1B visa people from every nation on earth I decided I'd drive a truck.

My current interest is in the development of a secure, open source, multiple streams, uncorruptible on-line voting system and in the doubling of the membership of the United States House of Representatives. I will be hanging up my trucker gig to concentrate
on my real life. Some words about the problems with our democracy can be found at GreaterVoice.org in your friendly web browser. http://GreaterVoice.org

My other intertests are monetary systems, "real" economics and poker :confused:

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