It makes you wonder why so many people who claim to believe in God/Jesus are so afraid of dying when they also supposedly believe that their death would bring an end to suffering and the beginning of eternal bliss. By the way, Mike, you might find this amusing.

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It makes you wonder why so many people who claim to believe in God/Jesus are so afraid of dying

They're afraid of dying, because they know where they're going :)
Insufferable sanctimonious, pompous little pinheads. When they truly believe in all that stuff, you really think that they'd try to be better people, wouldn't you? Rant over.

It makes you wonder why so many people who claim to believe in God/Jesus are so afraid of dying

It's a natural thing, just as natural as breathing. All creatures have a fear of death.

All creatures have a fear of death.

Then i must be a strange creature if that is the case :D

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Yes, but you're young and still immortal :)

* up to 21 - I am immortal
* 22 to 31 - I might die
* 32 to 41 - I will die someday
* 42 to 51 - damn it, I don't want to think about it
* 52 to 61 - Okay, okay I will die soon enough
* 62 and up - okay, I will get around to making out a will and EOL plans and DNR
* (everybody sort of still believes that they are different and just might, maybe can still live forever)

Married people might have different time frams.

*70 and up - already have funeral, plot and stone paid.

Yup i would like to take that magic pills i want to see how earth is doing and how planet mars will be like if those scientist succeed making it our second planet... I'm just curious

As long as my family and friends will live. I don't wanna be alone for 1000 years.

Not really , i would like to die with people arround whom i born and live life.

The more I think about it, the more I dislike the idea. The folks I know that could afford to buy the magic pill are just about all jerks.

How full would your head get with a 1000 years of experiences?

I have trouble remembering last Tuesday as it is.

AD: Social Security in 900 years? You really are a comedian, aren't you?

If I get to live a thousand years , I would totally like It ,
and I'd like to spend the time learning EVERYTHING .

I'll be happy to make it to 70 with most of my parts intact.

I already live 5 years with the kidney of another person.
Will be 62 the 18th this month.
I also will be happy just to reach 70 and a little beyond.

I'm with the Reverend -- I'm 70 and still have all my parts too -- just lucky after smoking for 50 years (stopped 13 years ago). I've already lived 10 years longer than either of my parents.

Well Ancient Dragon , you're the coolest 70 year old EVER ,
You're my idol , actually It can be really interesting if you tell us the story of your life .

I'm missing a disc (1978) and a thyroid (2009). Perhaps more later depending on how my treatment goes later this month.

actually It can be really interesting if you tell us the story of your life

One word -- "boring".

I'd like to spend the time learning EVERYTHING .

Everything? Did you not know, that knowledge is like a fractal. Once you think you found it all, a whole new unexplored world opens before your eyes.

The more you learn, the more there is to learn. Basically we are striving for a better quality of ignorance.

And the methods used to learn change over time; AE Van Voght covered this in his Weapons Master books. At some point you just can't keep up - you won't even be able to operate in the normal world - the paradigms would be so radically different that just leaving your apartment and walking down the street could get you killed.
But I would still like to try.

It's already impossible to keep up. Scientific knowledge is already being created faster than any person could ever read, let alone understand it all (there are more than 1,000 articles involving medicine published per day).

Does that mean we have too many Ph.D. researchers???

Does that mean we have too many Ph.D. researchers???

Too many of us?... :( But, we're so lovable..

What we have is too much horse-racing pressure to get the most publications, the most patents, the most grants, etc... It reached the point, today, where everything and anything is published, patented, and put forth for research grants. The problem with keeping up with the 1000 articles on medecin that get published everyday, is that 999 of them are pretty much irrelevant, or redundant, or incomplete, or too meager, because where people used to do research work for a few years before publishing an article about it, they now do 2 to 4 weeks of tinkering with some code and write a new article about it, and get hailed as a champion of science for being so prolific. The peer review process is being swarmed with junk and being pressured to let everything through. The incentives are too strong and in the wrong direction.

That said, it is true that science and technology is currently evolving far too fast now for anyone to really be able to keep up with it all. You have to pick a specialization and hope you can hang on in it, and even that is hard.

You just proved my point -- too many chiefs and too few indians (native americans, not referring to people from India). Where I live people who get a Ph.D. are overqualified and have difficult time finding jobs, other than flipping hamburgers at McDonalds.

@GFD: Not really , i would like to die with people arround whom i born and live life. That reminds me of the old joke "I want to die peacefully, in my sleep like my Grandfather - not screaming and crying like the passengers in his car

@AM: Libraries have already given up - they used to keep all the various journals available - now they can't even keep up with the journals that abstract the journals. The cost has skyrocketed because most of the journals depended on library subscriptions to keep them afloat and libraries can't afford them.

PhDs and their associated dissertations used to be the ultimate definition of a lifetime of science; now you can't get started in science w/o one. Hell, now they use post-docs as wage-slaves - seldom even offering them a path to tenure because they can't afford to hire all the damned PhDs they crank out.

I don't consider it a fault of the universities for cranking out too many Ph.D.s, but for mankind in general. I don't know, but I suspect the number of Ph.D.s per 100000 population has remained fairly constant for the past hundred years. The planet just has too many people. We need to drop a few nuclear bombs here and there to de-people the planet.

I agree about the "too many people". It's depressing, when you see a picture of Earth from space at night, just how many places are lit up.

I have read a story once, about some tribes, who everey year held a "contest". All the elderly people of the tribe had to obligatory climb into a coconut tree to fetch a coconut. Those that could not accomplish the task, well ... they fell out the tree or were killed.