I'm a new member. I earned a master's degree in math from the University of Kansas back in '89. I taught math for several years, as I transitioned into IT work. I've been full-time as a software developer in industry since late '93. For the past ten years, I've been working in .NET with equal exposure to VB.NET and C#, and a couple years writing little else but T-SQL. Before that, I worked in C language, C++, Java, and Visual Basic. I've got a lot of experience in develoment, enhancement, and support of enterprise-scale client-server workflow systems for call centers, both in the mutual funds industry and in behavioral health. I've also spent 7+ years in engineering companies, working in power-generation support services, on leak-detection systems for underground storage tanks, along with some work in the gas pipeline industry.

Hi and welcome to DaniWeb, and thank you for donating!! :)

Hello and welcome!

You need to stick around because right now i am semi failing math algebra two and i may need your help

Thanks! @Warrens80: I'll help if I can. Give me a specific problem, and I'll tell you how I work it.