so i got an email telling me to introduce myself, which is a little odd for me as far as forums go ;). anyways, i am a third year developer. the core languages i know are c/c++, python, php, dart (well learning it at least), a little bit of assembly, and css/html. i am horrible with guis, but i am designing a website using dart (or dart to js for none google browsers) and php to host my websites. i am currently developing a bootloader, compiler, and operating system.

So i am not really a techie of any sorts. So what you just said makes zero sense to me.☺

Hi there! Welcome to DaniWeb ... Umm, Warrens, if you're not a techie of any sorts, what brought you here in the first place?

DTSCode, we have a really strong C++ community, so you'll fit right in around here :) Myself, I'm a LAMP gal.

why are you on this website then? i dont want to be sound rude, im just wondering. it seems to be for programmers. are you just here for the hardware section?

Its a sad sad sad reason. Im lonely. I can't communicate with my friends ( i dont have their number and they don't have wifi so emailing is out).

O and i can't get on fb with my school ipad.

But i guess i could pick up a thing or two and to promote Taco Bell.

oh... huh thats cool bro

that wasnt sarcastic i promise. i just wasnt expecting it.

DTSCode, you gotta change your forum signature. It was only even remotely cool like a decade ago. Then everyone got the ThinkGeek tshirt and then it just became lame after that.

the last time i did something to be cool i... actually ive never done that. my passive-agressive point is that i use it just because i like it. not because its popular.

It may not be cool but it sure beats 'Rooms for rent in Lahore' or similar :)

@Dani: didnt see your post about you being a lamp gal... thats cool i love lamp. its the way to go when making a website. i cant wrap my head around all of this rails stuff. lamp and dart <3

Hi, you are looking as codemaster. Welcome to the forum.

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