Hi Guise,let me know what is your favorite drink specially in Coffee? if some other which you like most.

My favourite drink in coffee? That would be, let me see, erm, yes that's it, coffee...

Dude that stuff is bad for you

its terrible for me. i am pretty sure im going insane through a combination of that, lack of sleep, and c++, but the only thing i care about is getting a kidney stone so i drink a lot of water

My favourite drinks are:
Irish coffee
Energy Drink

I love Irish Mist, but can't drink it any more. Now I just drink diet Pepsi, water, and ice tea.

My favorite drink is H2O...

Expresso style coffe made in an Aeropress with coffee beans from Peets.

Hello, Guise what you think about Espresso Italiano and Flavored coffee.these are good to take or ....?//

Best to shoot the barista in the head to prevent them from making such an abomination ever again. If that answers your question ;)

(No barista's were hurt in the posting of this message)