I am planning on making a website which mainly will be driven by community users, mods, and admins. It will be a large project but i am ready for it, since community like stackoverflow and daniweb is always with me.... :)

To be successful on creating a community driven site this six path, provided by stackoverflow is grest.

4.Closed Beta
5.Open Beta
6.Full Citizenship

as for discussion of ideas i want you guys help. If you are a experienced developer or a user write down your ideas of what you might expect from a website.

my requirements:
A website for learning web development from beginners to advance. Most of website provides great tutorials but none of them(well i never found any, comment if u find one) provides good support from other user about the topic or a discussion page for the topic, and complete guide of becoming a advance coder. And most of all a download section for downloading all the tools u need or any ebook reference, source codes, other user modified source code download, keeping track of what you learn.

(first i thought about creating a q&a website but SO is really great and i dont think we need another q&a site.

What i have planned so far:
1. A great learning site.
2. Vast collection of quality tutorials with demo and source code download.
3. A download section for everything one need for learning and developing.
with e-book references, from best writers of web.
4. All articles and downloads are created by user(mod and admin)
5. Reputation system for choosing mods
6. All downloads are free. No sigup required unless posting a article or ask for community help.
7. Torrent downloads and direct download links from other sites, we wont host any illegal contents except user submitted source codes or projects.
8. There also will be a buy option for downloads if the user is willing to pay. Buy option will redirect to official website buy page.
9. No ads, most of websites are filled with ugly ads. We plan to create a ad free site. We will pay ourselves. :)
10. Website source code will be open for downloads. So that other can improve functionality.

I could not think of what more is required. So i need your help for improving the list.

Best answer will be selected and we will begin second process. All of contributors will be invited as mods(temporary for now but with their ranks go high they will be selected as permanent mods and or admin).

Thanx for reading this. We will certainly hope to hear from you. Share ideas of creating a open world.

I wonder how you are going to get your tutorials. You requirements are quite complete, am just afraid you are going to have trouble getting content.

I have thought about that too. Do you have any suggestion of what i can do about this problem?
I have some of my friends who will help me on writing tutorials. But the problem will be that after some time i want other users to writedown their own articles. But most of users will only read and get their need. Very few will actively co-operate.

Is there any other site idea(like chatting site or anything) that will need user contribution. And user will help eagerly.