Hi! I have a problem installing a second Hard Drive. I’m a bit of a technical n00b so be understanding!

My system is Athlon 64. Original HDD is Maxtor diamondmax9 80GB. New disk is Maxtor diamondmax 10 160GB. Two SATA sockets on motherboard. Windows XP.

When I unplugged original HDD and plugged in new one the drive was not recognised. After reading some stuff I got some drivers from the Maxtor website (no manufacturers disk) and put them on a floppy to be read during windows setup. After this the setup continues, but when it comes to starting windows it says I have no HDDs installed! The same thing happens if I have the original disk plugged in. (So where's that gone then?!)

I’m guessing it is something to do with the BIOS or I have the wrong drivers but…. That’s only a guess. Thanks in advance for any help, useful or not.

- Snid

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Er, OK, wrong forum.:rolleyes:

Sorry everyone, I'll post it elsewhere. Can't see an edit/delete button. Actually I don't think the forums navigation is very user friendly - certainly doesn't allow for my stupidity! :cheesy:

Real Intro: I'm 'over 40' have 3 kids, 4 PCs (+ bits!), and live in the UK.
I'm into games really, so I don't have too much time for fiddling with the PC. :cheesy:

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