My external NTFS Lacie 500GB HD hangs randomly. The disk is full of data. I have tried running Norton Disk Doctor (2005), XP's CHKDSK /f or CHKDSK /f /r from command line, or XP's GUI version of chkdsk from the disk properties. They all hang when they encounter the bad sector sometimes in phase 2 or index checking phase or phase 4. If there anyway that I can mark the bad sector and have the disk head skip that region manually or through any software utility out there?

Additional information:
- Hard Disk is of course no longer under warranty.
- I am using XP Pro SP2
- I have tried switching between the drives USB2 and FW400 interface. They both act the same.
- Right before the HD hangs it clicks once, and the only way to get it back on is to recycle its power.

Daniel Motamed

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Thanks Stein. My bad. I just posted this same thread under the XP forum.

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