Hi All,

I am starting this article so that we may share various motivational thoughts (your own creation will be great), poetry, short stories and all.
This goes my own created poetry for all you guys...

"Behind the great mountains, a Sun shines everyday,
making us to beleive there's still a new morning to bless us today.
As that we grow up each day, making hatred and spreading evil,
remember for someone will come and raise this in-devil.
Know what you do and beleive in what you are,
coz sometimes there's no turning back when you reach too far.
So lets become someone, someone we always wanted to be,
and then let go of this evil and make ourselves free".

Eagerly waiting for yours to come :)

Come on guys, don't you have anything to post...Please share some motivational thoughts so that we all can learn and earn...!!!

I'm a minimalist so here is one of the basic principals that motivates me on a daily basis..

"The less you own, the less that owns you."

Awesome quote and much appreciated :)

John Lennon once sang in a famous song: "Imagine there's no heaven"
Does this means he assumed there WAS a heaven?

He was speaking to people who believe in heaven.

Oh, yes of course. Thanks Reverend.

There was a great episode of an old show (WKRP In Cincinatti) where a local man of the cloth (who was leading a "moral" crusade to clean up the airwaves) told the radio station director that "Imagine" must not be played because it says there's no heaven. The director replies, "No. It says 'imagine' there's no heaven."

So, Reverend what according to you may be true...is there a heaven or... ?

In my opinion (and I stress the word, opinion), there is no heaven or hell except that which we create here on Earth while we are alive. I do not believe either that I existed before I was conceived or that I will exist after my body dies. I accept that I am far from perfect and that I must live with the mistakes I have made and the people I have wronged. I do not look to an invisible man in the sky for forgiveness for my failings. I try to live a moral life. I try to do right by other people, not out of expectation of reward or fear of punishment in the hereafter but out of a belief that this world is a better place when we all treat each other with respect and compassion.

Having said that I must also add that I am a firm believer in tit-for-tat. I'm not a "turn the other cheek" kind of person.

Too much?

Not be living in God (Jesus) or heaven is a consure effort but the fact is there is a God and there is heaven and we know this because our heart tell us so. If there is know God or heaven why do we feel the need to do good and why do we feel guilty when we do bad thing. Because there is someone judging us call it consince, call it God, if there is no reward for our good why do we feel good for your good deeds

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Is religion or the lack of it going to derail another potentially interesting thread? Religion or otherwise in poetry or short stories fine... sigh...

the fact is there is a God and there is heaven and we know this because our heart tell us so

That's poetic. Hearts don't talk, they don't think, but they can rule, be given, believed with, be broken... ;) - I don't believe a word of it, nevertheless...

"No amount of belief establishes a fact" - James Randi


The good feeling we get (well, at least most of us, I hope) when we do good is a product of evolution. It is a given that when someone does good to you, you feel an obligation to do good in return. Many studies have proven this. This "good" can take the form of a deed or of tangibles. In olden days, sharing food kept tribes together. Those who shared when their hunt went well received in turn when their hunt went poorly. Those who did not share were ousted. Thus, people who were predisposed to sharing were more likely to survive and procreate.

But, as diafol is concerned about derailing this thread, please feel free to start a new thread on this topic and I'd be more than happy to exchange views.

I think Reverend Jim and otengkwaku, we all can have different perceptions about anything or anyone and that's why we all are different and we all are humans. So I would really appreciate if we all don't talk about things that we cannot prove in a single thread.
Speaking of my personal beliefs, Yes I am a frim believer of God but as Reverend Jim said :-

I try to live a moral life. I try to do right by other people, not out of expectation of reward or fear of punishment in the hereafter but out of a belief that this world is a better place when we all treat each other with respect and compassion.

I think we should also respect the perceptions and what others think and lets not go deep into things like this one.
I am not saying I cannot agrue on this one, though I have many facts and figures to support however I just want to request you all to please try not to hurt anyone discussing such topics because someone can really mind such things.

For diafol, I must say thanks a lot ;)

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We talk about things we can't prove all the time. If I say "Shawshank Redemption" is the greatest movie of all time there is no way to prove that because it is merely an opinion. Likewise when I was asked about heaven I opened with "in my opinion". Look at the thread New Life After Death Theories that AD kindly posted. I love these kinds of posts because they stimulate intelligent (well, mostly) discussion and a healthy exchange of viewpoints. Sometimes the discussions that make you the most uncomfortable, especially the ones that shake your core beliefs, are the ones most worth having. I hope you keep an open mind.

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I do keep an open mind and that's the reson why I quoted your previous comment and supported that.
Also, we meet people that intentionally shake our core beliefs but that doesn't justifies that the person is really correct and also beliefs are not built in one single day and neither they can be shaken by such things if they are firm and have points to support.
I said that there are points with me to support this one but I didn't mention I was uncomfortable.
Talking of such things in "Thoughts & Poetry" thread or in any thread won't signify that someone is true or he's always right.
I requested you in a kind manner not to discuss such things that you cannot prove and also it is your personal belief and we all have no issues to the same beause its very good to keep intelligent thoughts like you do but speaking Japanese to an American won't signify that you are really very Intellectual and know many languages.
I hope you also do keep an open and intelligent mind :)

And also, here goes a very nice thought....

"Believe in God and do the Rights"

For those who don't believe, just do the rights please.

I guess I started all this by saying something about the poetic John Lennon song "Imagine".
Let's talk about other poetry. What is the meaning of "stairway to heaven" in this Led Zeppelin song.

@ddanbe you are bringing it again :) any way, i am sorry if my post created any problems forgive me. Poetry is about emotions and feelings.

If love is all that we can do, i will love you for ever and if my heart can sing you will hear mellodies till eternity. I LOVE U with all my heart.

@otengkwaku: In my signature I say: "Make love, no war." The 'make love' does not mean what rabbits tend to do very often, but more what you said. The love is mutual :)

Let me also ask for forgiveness then to all of you because now I realized I got driven away into something that caused this thread to become very serious and monotonous.
Another thought anyways :-
"A short useful life is better than a long useless one, its same as living like an Oak tree which lives for 100 years but is of no use".

All depends on what is considered by "useful".

Why is an oak tree considered "useless"?
It is a world on his own.
On his trunc, mosses grow.
On his branches, birds make their nest.
Squirrels eat his seeds.
I like to watch a tree when it moves its leaves in the wind.

Diafol started a good one here.
Besides the sonnet(Sheakspeare was a master in it!) I know of the Limerick which is also rather popular in my language(Dutch)
Perhaps there are more of such special poem forms?

One of my favourite poets is Piet Hein. Are you familiar with Grooks?

Unfortunately not however it would be great if you could please let us know about the same :)

From Wikipedia:

Piet Hein (16 December 1905 – 17 April 1996) was a Danish scientist, mathematician, inventor, designer, author, and poet, often writing under the Old Norse pseudonym "Kumbel" meaning "tombstone". His short poems, known as gruks or grooks (Danish: gruk), first started to appear in the daily newspaper "Politiken" shortly after the Nazi occupation in April 1940 under the pseudonym "Kumbel Kumbell"

Some examples


Losing one glove
is certainly painful,
but nothing
compared to the pain,
of losing one,
throwing away the other,
and finding
the first one again.


The road to wisdom?
-- Well, it's plain
and simple to express:
and err
and err again
but less
and less
and less.


Go on a starlit night,
stand on your head,
leave your feet dangling
outwards into space,
and let the starry
firmament you tread
be, for the moment,
your elected base.

Feel Earth's colossal weight
of ice and granite,
of molten magma,
water, iron, and lead;
and briefly hold
this strangely solid planet
balanced upon
your strangely solid head.


Experts have
their expert fun
ex cathedra
telling one
just how nothing
can be done.


Our choicest plans
have fallen through,
our airiest castles
tumbled over,
because of lines
we neatly drew
and later neatly
stumbled over.