Howdy-ho folks!

It's that time of the year again; Winter 2014 anime starts airing in a few days. The latest chart can be found at ATX Pieces site.

Fall 2013 looked really promising but turned out to be not so good. The good thing is that all the "better" fall anime (Kuroko/Magi/Golden Time) are 20+ eps long so I'm insured against looked-good-but-turned-out-to-be-dud 2014 anime. ;)

Here is a list of things I would be keeping my eye on:

  1. Silver Spoon S2 (slice of life/comedy done right; first priority on my list)
  2. Chuunibyou S2 (comedy/romance; must watch for those who liked S1)
  3. Nisekoi (Harem/comedy/romance; manga has pretty good rating so I will watch this one. Hope they don't screw up the adaptation)
  4. Pupa (horror; have heard a lot about this one, need to check for sure)
  5. D-Frag (comedy/school; the trailer was pretty good so will check this out)
  6. Hamatora (action/super-powers; the action in the promo looked pretty cool. I have high expectations of this action series)
  7. Norigami (action/fantasy; gives off a Ao No Exorcist feel)

Of course, as always, I'll try to sample everything just to ensure I'm not missing out on anything which looks boring but is actually pretty good (e.g. Silver Spoon, Natsume Youjinchou etc.). All in all, I see that we have a lot of harem/romance series making their way for 2014 winter list which is always "a good thing". ;)

As always, thoughts/discussion on the new season is more than welcome.

There is an anime club in my school and i heard they watch some of these. they say they are good.