Hello everyone...I turn to u in search of help...
OK..So in a nut shell : I'm seeking three refurbished laptops with decent specs...shipped fedex international...as we all have learned the hard way at
some point buying online can be....so any trusted..(really...yes I'm serious) place i can check out....thanks...please keep in mind i said refurbished...meaning....budget limits..lol

decent specs ...
specs for what? what will you use them for? gaming? video editing? use of office tools and writing mails?
budget limits ... well, since we don't know what your budget is, we can't really take it into account.

for you, budgetted might be 100, but it might just as well be 1000

"Refurbished" is a crap shoot. I've had good luck where they last as long as a new machine and one that died after a few months. As a general rule the warranty is 90 days so consider a new machine with less than "decent" specs as well.

Hey guys thanks for your help i have opted for 3 new ASUS 15.6 320gb HD ,4GB RAM ,webcam , windows 8. At $350usd...seems like decet" spes for new IT students.thanks again.