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Anybody else going to be glued to it this year?

First result already in: Wales 23 : 15 Ireland
Italy were very good, Wales rather indifferent. Great to see Italy attacking and playing with width. They may take a few unexpected scalps this season. Well, they did last year too, but anyway...

Next up: France v England

Should be very interesting, with Ireland v Scotland tomorrow too. Grand Slam hopes for F/E/I may be crushed this weekend, although the Championship may still be up for grabs if somebody slips.

I'll be hoping for a Welsh win. :| Big ask.


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@48 mins Fra 16-18 Eng - phew! Great game!


Oops. Full time Fra 24-22 Eng

France were poor but had a few nice runs. England just kept messing up - too much immaturity in the back line. Pity for them.

Yep, England suffered at the hands of inexperience at the back. Way too many cock-ups and the forwards just couldn't overcome them despite an epic performance. Excellent game to watch, even if the result didn't go my way.

Thought Italy played out of their socks, and Wales looked a bit tired to be honest.

Looking forward to Ireland this afternoon, maybe they will be the ones to show a spark of champions? So far no team has looked like the obvious winner it has to be said.

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Agreed. England need to bolster the back line with some experience. I've never understood the attraction of 12Trees - he's not international standard IMO. Wales were very jaded - I think 'tired' is the right word - they were blowing hard and didn't seem to have many ideas. However, when they played at pace, they looked dangerous - but those moments were very few and far between.
If Ireland play well, they could become faves for the 6N, as no side so far looks like they could win 4 or 5 for the championship/GS.

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Entertaining part of the game. Two guys told by gay ref Nigel Owens to stop throwing their hadbags around (figuratively).

BTW - anybody see a headbutt?

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Ire 28 - 6 Sco

Ireland played quite well, Scotland fell off in the second half. No real surprises. 3 home wins. So far, I think all of the winners and England could win it.

Looking like the most open 6N for some years. Ireland got the result, but they didn't shine (and against that Scotland in the last 40 they really should have scored twice as many).

Interesting point about the home wins. Looking at the fixtures I'd say that, if you are happy to agree the big four are all equally average in terms of on the pitch play at the moment, England may have the advantage with some big home games coming up. Wales are going to have to pull a real blinder if they are to upset previous form at Twickenham.

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Agreed with the big 4. Eng-Wal: Wales won at HQ two years ago. Wales have beaten England in the last 3 matches between the two countries. I think Wales may still be favourites for that game, but it all depends on what happens this weekend. England have Wales and Ireland at home - and although only 2/5 home games, probably the best out of all the nations.

Ireland for us tomorrow - big test, probably the hardest game we'll have in this 6N. I know there's a lot of anger following the Lions/BOD debacle, which will give the game an extra edge - as if it needed it!

England should beat Scotland comfortably - perhaps they'll even emulate the crushing victory by their under 20's side.

France should beat Italy, but it may be close. Italy have improved. France seem wobbly.

Looking forward to the matches today, and rooting for a Wales win (despite having Irish roots) as I think it will make for a better competition if things remain close to the end. England should destroy Scotland, but then the Tigers should have destroyed Worcester yesterday and that was a devastatingly close match which, as a Tigers supporter, I have to admit Worcester should have won. Never write off the underdog. :)

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He he - I always support the Celts when it comes to England games, but it will be good to see a strong England as it will, as you say, keep the competition interesting.

I think...

Wales by a whisker, England by a cricket score, France but by less than 7 points.

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16-0 @ 50 I can't watch any more. Wales shockingly bad. Will tune in next week. Can't bring myself to watch any rugby this week - too depressed. Stopped watching this article. :(

Sorry Alan, but that was a really poor performance. Should have been more than 26-3 to be honest. Ireland looking good for 6N, if not the GS perhaps.

England looking good, managed to close down Scotland completely. Always nice to take the CC at Murrayfield :) I think 20-0 could have been much more though, still some sloppy finishing to get under control...

France vs Italy pretty much as expected, no upsets this year there then.

I think the crunch match is going to be England vs Ireland at the moment, although given current form and looking at the points difference aspect of the table I will put my hands up and say that if I was a betting man then my money would still be on Ireland for the 6N but not the Grand Slam or the Triple Crown for that matter.

Great display of sheer power in the scrum matched with razor sharp tactical play; the Welsh are right back in it and I think the result of the England/Ireland match today is now crucial as to whether Ireland take the 6N or Wales have a chance of doing the triple-grab after all.

Wow! And I say again. Wow!

That was one of the best games of rugby I have seen for a long time, with both England and Ireland giving everything for the full 80 minutes. A recording of that should be given to kids learning the game along with a note saying 'this is how you play the game'.

Seriously, the passion, physicality and intelligence on display there (from both teams) was inspirational. On that performance, and no disrespect to Wales or France intended, I think it has to be Ireland (most likely given the PD) or England for the 6N.

Good luck boys, the Triple Crown is now up for grabs as well...

That drop of Duncan Weir at the last minute still hurts here... but it was well deserved. I can already see the whitewash coming to us.

England and Ireland giving everything for the full 80 minutes

Beautiful game, indeed. Ireland and England performances are stellar right now.

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Didn't see it nor the Wales-France game. Roll on Sunday, we seem to have got our mojo back.

Wonder if the boys get a belly-warmer from the captain, as from Phil Bennett back in '77:

Look what these bastards have done to Wales. They've taken our coal, our water, our steel. They buy our homes and live in them for a fortnight every year. What have they given us? Absolutely nothing. We've been exploited, raped, controlled and punished by the English – and that's who you are playing this afternoon.

As if we needed to be reminded.

To be fair, you gave us Max Boyce so we are even...

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Heh heh. He is annoying. Even? Not by a long chalk :)

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Good game Eng. Wales absolutely shocking. Third poor performance of the 6N - they deserve to be bottom.

OK, it's up to Ireland to beat France next weekend. C'mon Ire!

England also need to up their game, the 'silly penalty count' was way too high. Should have been a much bigger margin of victory, to be honest.

Looks like Ireland should have the 6N wrapped up, what with that points difference and all. However, it has been 14 years since Ireland last won at the Stade de France and the French will have their tails up methinks. Gonna be an exciting day on Saturday.

I think Ireland will beat France.

  1. France didn't beat Scotland , Scotland snatched defeat from the jaws of victory - too many silly errors - trying to bypass attacking players when you're about to get a two man overlap!
  2. This weekend is St. Patricks Day weekend!
  3. BOD's last game in an Irish shirt
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Eng missed the points required
Sco or should I say Hogg threw the game away
C'mon Ire!! We were going to be screaming for Fra had Wal won last week. Heh.

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Well done Ireland. :)

Closest 6N for ages, which is always good.

Sad to see England miss out again, especially after hitting 50 points against Italy in Rome which is never easy. Happy for BoD though, the man was one of the true rugby greats.

France threw the game away, with that missed penalty and then the forward pass on the death which meant the try was disallowed. To be honest, looking at Ireland and England across the whole of the 6N I would be putting money on England as having a chance in the World Cup next year, much stronger and improved overall.

Wales, sadly, need a complete rethink if they are to seriosuly challenege the England place in that World Cup later in the year. On current form, with the current management (how many times does that statement have to be made) they are going nowehere.

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Agreed. Gatland even seems to agree.