I currently host my clients through dreamhost. I wanted to get something faster, cheap, and probably European. Any suggestions?

When you say hosting, are you talking about shared hosting, a VPS or dedicated hosting? Also, how much are you paying right now per month/what kind of plans?

AFAIK, Dreamhost has been going downhill for the past few months/years(?)...

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I use justhost.com at the moment. Not the cheapest maybe, but I've had very good service over 2 years. Not necessarily a recommendation, just somebody to look at.

Hi sorry I have a shared hosting plan thats 8.95 a month. It has unlimited domains, databases, etc. Thanks diafol. I was just chatting with justhost they are based in Utah. Did you have any website you mase that i can ping to test speeds?

I have heard good things about Veerotech on webhosting forums. They also have a plan that starts at $7, not exactly cheap but much better reputation + they have servers in UK. You can get in touch with these guys to talk about speed, migration help and so on.

thanks gonna test it when i get home.. thanks sos sounds good I'll check them out

You need to look at reliability and service as well as price and features. If you read enough reviews, you often find that unlimited often doesn't really mean unlimited (and most users don't need it anyway). It's very nice to have a web host who responds quickly and tries to help with any problems. I have a web host like that, the prices are reasonable, their reliability is very good and they have multiple sites (including one in Europe).Click Here

I would say hostgator, or arvixe

Excellent service, lots of control, fast setup. Good prices. I have been using hostgator for 7yrs, and arvixe for 3yrs. Customer support is great.