We as a community of developers and deep thinkers should create a funtion that will decipher broken english. I understand this is a huge world and a global community of like minded individuals and IT professionals, but english is the majority written language in this comminuty. Having to read some of the post's which seem like cryptic broken english can be frustrating at times. I always do my best to help out when I can, but please help me to help you. I'm sure if I needed to post in another lanuage, I would find a way to make a clear thoughtout attempt to write understandable text.

As you can see from this post, It may not be 100% clear to everyone and could use some work, but you understand what I am trying to say. For example let me write an excerpt of cryptic broken english.


"need post help have php computer html pages show only writing, error web host not found. Database is programmed records not update."

I can sympathize with people for whom English is a (distant) second language. They want help but have trouble describing the problem in an unfamiliar language. Simple communication is difficult enough. Technical communication is near impossible. However, I would rather put the onus on the person posing the question to ensure that it is clear rather than on the community to try to make sense of the question.

I get more upset with people who have the basic English skills but can't be bothered to use them.

Its just laziness to not even make an attempt. Personally I read my writings at least once, to make sure someone else other then me can understand the basic point Im tring to get at. Else whats the point.

I have a friend in Toronto who was in the process of establishing herself as a marketing consultant. She asked me to proof read a number of texts she wanted to post on her website. She told me that a technique she found useful was to read passages aloud because most errors are more obvious that way. It was clear from reading what she sent me to proof (plus every email she has ever written) that she did not practise what she preached.

So, yes, I get really annoyed at lazy.

PS: I no longer proof read for her.

sow shi set dad reeding things alowed reduses errors in writtuhn teksts?

Its just laziness to not even make an attempt.

A little short-sighted imo. There are more people than you think that are non-english, who have to use English to get an answer to their question. They're all attempting to get their point across.

but english is the majority written language in this comminuty.

Math is the same all around the world, writing code is the same all around the work. I'm not saying go out and learn to speak english. Im saying when writing on a board that is primarly english, try and put thought into the words that are being typed and check them.. 1. it would help get anwsers to questions faster. 2. They would improve writen english by reading and finding errors as they type or post comments or questions.

writing code is the same all around the work (I assume you meant world)

It is? The logic of code is, comments and method/variable naming is very often in the regional language, especially if you only deliver software locally. There is an interesting post on StackExchange about why they now have a Portugese StackOverflow.

I try not to criticize people who don't know English, they most likely write in their own language then use a translator to translate into English. Those translators aren't very good sometimes. I don't know a second language but if I had to write a question in French for example my writing would be horrible to a native French person.

I will criticize people whose first language is English and who express themselves so poorly that they can't ask a coherent question. For the rest I usually explain that I do not understand the question and suggest they get help with the translation.

I was taught that when sending a email/posting it was important to get your main point across quickly. The technique was to start with the phrase "I want to tell you that...", finish the phrase as appropriate, then delete the first six words. I used to work with someone who would start a reply (verbally) with "I think we should keep in mind, I mean, what I want to say is that, when we consider everything and you look at the big picture..." By the time he eventually got to the point (if there was one) everyone had tuned him out. His emails were eerily simiilar. You had to read through several paragraphs to figure out what the point of the email was. I usually ignored anything I received.

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I'm sure that very few posters deliberately post sentences that are difficult to read, it's just so difficult if you don't speak the language.
I like to ask these posters to "rephrase" - there's no point being rude about it. Trying to second-guess the poster's intention can be a total waste of time. So I'm in the "OP's responsibility" camp with regard to this.

The ones I can't abide are the ones that insist on using txt or leet. That's not even using Google translate - that's being an asshole.

Having studied a second language I understand how difficult it can be. Understanding English and linguistics in general I can certainly understand difficulties learning English (it's far from simple even if you grew up with it). I totally respect anyone who isn't a native speaker and still tries.

Those that don't try get no respect. And yes, after well over a decade of particupating in forums such as Daniweb, I can tell the difference. ;)

Personally I welcome all questions and commments from all walks of life.. I want to help others when in need, I just don't want to waist my time because someone did take the time to ask a proper question. I guess some of that fault would fall on me for not asking the poster to rephrase the question. Screen shots are always a good way of showing problems.

I'm with the Rev on not feeling kindly disposed to those who appear to be English speakers writing badly. Trying to decipher a text-speak query is a pain. I often think the non-English speakers often do a better job of communicating.

I have seen Google Translate do pretty credible job in both casual and technical writing. Certainly nothing that would pass as completely human translated, but usually pretty understandable.

Proofreading - it's a hard thing to proof your own writing. You're invested in it and you KNOW what it says. Nothing beats another set of eyes. Of course, that's not usually possible for online writing like this. But taking time to read before hitting send should be standard procedure. As is paying attention to what spell check points out, if available.

Their, I've said my piece.

(yeah, I did that on purpose, just for fun!)

Spell check would be a coool feature on the the post wysiwyg editor on daniwebs.

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Spell check would be a coool feature on the the post wysiwyg editor on daniwebs.

Already implemented - the tick icon should spellcheck too. Well it used to.

spellcheck is the checkmark on the editor's toolbar. However some of it's suggested corrections are hilarious.

Such is the way with spellcheck. Never accept a suggestion blindly, or you might end up posting something as embarrasing as it is amusing. ;)

My former boss's name was (probably still is) Geoff. My spell check always wanted to correct it to "goof".