What does it mean to be "Featured" and a "Colleague" here at Daniweb? How does one aspire to claiming such tag-titles?

At some point you may be picked/asked to be "featured" in the montly newsletter.

With regard to "Colleague", I think you are referring to "Team Colleague". I beleive that at some point in the past, some of the moderators that were no longer able to or wanted that role were reclassified as a "Team Colleague". I'm sure that some of the other moderators that have been here for several years can elaborate on this...

thanks JorgeM, I only asked because I just noticed them. I appreciate the heads up.

Team Colleages are personal friends of mine who helped with getting the site off the ground back in the day, founding members, and ex-moderators.

The one thing true of all team colleagues is that while none are active staff members, they were all instrumental in volunteering a significant amount of their time and efforts in the past to help shape us into what we are today.

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thanks for the clarification on the "team colleages".

Also, neither of these are new ;) They've both been around for the better part of a decade. :)

... and you're welcome.

I just really haven't noticed them until the other day. I'm a lot of things but sometimes not very observant.