hie my name is mike danvers,new and a novice,when i have registered for daniweb i just had 3 things in mind "help help n help"
but the more i m interacting with community members the more friendly environment i get here.In just 1 week am feeling like as if its not a community but a family.& the best part of daniweb is/are the admins,mods, n any of the priviledged personnels who really try to solve and rply simplest to silliest queries of mine.that really makes me feel comfortable hea!!...i whole heartedly thank and appretiate all the members of this community for their smallest to greatest contributions.daniweb is really special for me:) jay hoo!!!

thank you thank you..hope this time no one is gona ask me:-are you an alien?are you a spammer?? :D

Hello and welcome!

Welcom to mike danvers Daniweb.Nice community enjoy here thanks

Greeting for all! Meet myself; I also a new guy here. I am a student of software engineering. I found this community very informative about my subject.

okay thats good n i agree,but don't you think you are introducing yourself in MY introduction POST???

Hi there Mike :) Welcome to DaniWeb. Don't mind Alexline ... sometimes newbies don't know / understand proper forum etiquette so we give them a little extra slack as long as it shows they are trying to be courteous and trying.

I do understand your majesty!!everyone can get extra slack and generosity,am also a rookie,n what i get??(are you a spammer??your post has been deleted?).Sometimes try to gimme some advantage dear!! @dani :)

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I think all noobs get some slack. In Alexline's case he got banned - not the sort of slack you're looking for I take it. 50+ posts doesn't really class you as a noob any more. If a mod had to move or delete a post, so what? I've had some deleted, moved and had some slaps on the wrist for things I've said. Just a learning experience. No big deal. If you think you've been treated unfairly by a mod, you could try contacting admin via PM. We're all human - hopefully we get it right most of the time.

oops in that case i want to confess that,atfirst i thought my post or those question"are you a robot,alien etc" were asked by the admins to me,so i misunderstood.anyways thanks for providing a friendly platform an environment or hospitality by daniweb :) @diafol

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Yep - most of those PMs regarding deleting duplicate posts, moving posts etc are automated. We choose the reason for moving, etc from a dropdown - so it can sound a little impersonal and short sometimes. It's just that we don't have the time to write unique messages every time we need to move, edit or delete a thread/post.

so silly of me,just see i really need to know so much.Neways thanks for that information.:)