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I want to create a dynamic website. So, to create it I need to know PHP and MySQL. I went to amazon.com and searched for books. I was showed by results of learning php and mysql, learning php and learning mysql book names. I couldn't figured whether should I learn a single book dedicated to learning php and then learn another book dedicated solely to mysql or should I learn from books that teach the two things simultaneously. Actually, I was in the favour of learning from a book dedicated to a single programming language. Because I think because the books teaching the two things simultaneously actually do not teach the two things in detail and well thoroughly. If I do so, then will I be able to jump right in creating dynamic websites or will I need to learn some more extra things to start creating the stuff I want.
I know HTML with CSS and Javscript in learning process and I'm also leanring C Language. So, please will help me what to do or in other words learn php and mysql and creating dynamic websites from which book?

To be honest, the best method in learning programming languages is to learn about the programming fundamentals and then dive into the different languages. Lynda.com has a good library and it has a course about programming fundamentals. But, if you are looking for books... search for the Head First series, they make programming languages relatively simple :D

formal training is always good, much better than just diving in with no guidance and muddling along.

As to this specific situation, learning your database first is probably better than learning it later, at least enough that you can do the basics needed for what you're really after (making tables, inserting and retrieving data, etc.).

And don't focus blindly on a single language.

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I like books. Peer-reviewed and trusted in the main. However they date quickly. If you're looking for a php book ensure that it covers 5.5. Loads of titles out there professing php6 - they lie. I've not seen any general php books that don't also cover databases such as MySQL. Wrox, apress and o'reilly have decent titles. However if you're learning web programming, ensure that you have a good understanding of html5 and CSS. Basic js is also pretty important. The web is crawling with decent tutorials on these three.

There are books out there that are utter rubbish, mostly books written by people with a "name" in one field about another and using that "name" to give the work an air of authority.
Sadly such things get published and pushed hard by publishers who have no clue that they're printing rubbish (or simply don't care).

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I agree with jw that there are a number of duff editions out there. I should know, I've bought a few!

I like books too but as the sentiment goes here, I've found that good ones fall into the 'hit or miss' category.

As for learning MySQL or the likes, a good understanding of database design, along with the core concepts like db design structures, keys, and the likes will really help when trying to write SQL statements.

As with any web-based project it's best to carefully plot out the full requirements of the project before learning how to code it. This way you'll know exactly what needs to be done which will ensure that you don't bloat-code the crap out of it.

Also, and I think that many here would not agree, but using templated site designs like those from say GoDaddy (or similar) may be all one needs for a successful website.

My 2.24 pennies.

Thanks for all your help and suggestion. I have picked resources for learning PHP and MySQL. I will use the books Programming PHP 3rd Edition and Learning MySQL both from Orielly. If you still think I'm not going in the correct direction then guide me. Also the thing you talked of i.e Dive into mulitple programming languages. I will appreciate you for this extra guidance and in fact I want to learn multiple programming languages.