Hi! I am Lisa and I am new here. :)

Hello and welcome.

OMG, A female

Hi Lisa,

I am also new... I went to Dani's meeting in Bayside and it was great to meet fellow technologists.

Conversation was interesting, fun and everyone I met was ver friendly.

If you can attend, I strongly suggest going to Dani's meetings !

Greetings all!
Another IT guy from LI.
I hope to meet some nice folks here, and perhaps work on some stuff together.
Not sure what the Bayside meetings are all about, I'll hafta check that out (I keep getting Meetup emails regarding them, but I'm always working late on those days) Maybe I'll pop in on the next one.

Happy Thursday!

I only went to 1 meeting in Bayside so far....people were VERY friendly. Interesting discussions...some personal, some technology ... basically free form chats.

From what I understand each get together may have a different flair depending upon who shows up.

I will try and come again (45 minutes drive for me - one way).
I persoanlly enjoyed myself and it was worth the time.

Hi Lisa!! :) Welcome to DaniWeb.

OK so basically there's this -- DaniWeb -- which is a twelve year old global web-based IT community of over 1 million IT pros learning from and helping each other.

And then there's DaniPad, the three month old real life version, which is a technology community center, business lounge, and social group of people who work in all aspects of technology. The website for DaniPad is at https://www.daniweb.com/danipad

Sorry to hijack your welcome thread, Lisa!! :) Enjoy everyone.

DANIPAD sounds like an interesting concept - I hope it is a successful venture!