During a "routine" traffic stop, a cop suddenly finds himself fighting two men who then threaten him with a shovel...

Thankfully no one was really hurt!

Scary ... you should watch COPS more often though, or those other shows on FX and CourtTV. Crazy stuff :)

*Mumbles something about Police Officers Abusing Authority with Attitudes and Deserving Some Kind of retaliation*

I dont understand why they stayed there,why didnt they take off?? (Most people might)

I dunno......

Could become a classic.

Quite a good video, and what a fearless cop :)

Wow! This is one old thread that's worth bumping :)

lol :P
I just noticed what year the dude posted it :P

Ah Dates dont mean anything!

Its CONTENT that matters :)

(Its just a pain to have to bother staff to change links and what not when a link goes down on 1 of my older threads)