im at 21 years old created my first website.

I've been programming since the 70s and I still haven't created one.

First programmed an HTML file in seventh grade. Created actual www. in eigth grade using Google Sites. Not as original and true, but it does the job.

I made my first site during the summer of my 5th grade... the site i made was hideous, did nothing useful, nor was it very organized. I didn't really get into to web developing until the summer of eighth grade.

I created mine when i was 9. It was called coolsurf... cos I was cool and i was surfing xD lol Literally was just a general website with things I liked etc. More a blog without the blogposts. Had a forum and things. It was built on what is now known as but used to be called I am now 22 :D and building websites for a living... although no longer on webs! ;)

I was about 13 when I created as a personal homepage about my dogs. Then it evolved into a more popular dog-related site getting about 10,000 visitors a month (which was a lot of traffic for 1996!).

When I was 19, I was in college pursuing a Computer Science degree, and I repurposed the domain name to be a message board and tutorial site about technology and programming. And the rest is history!

I am 24. When I was 22 I created my first website.

LOL :)

I was about 13 when I created as a personal homepage about my dogs.

Should we bark from time to time?
Great story!

  1. I thought my colored text and page alignment was very fancy, thank you very much. ;-)

After 27 . I am creating a good website.

The last time I programmed was over 30 years ago using "Assembly Language" and Fortran/Cobol.

No desire to program again....
Sorry "die hard" programmers....but, that means there is more fun to be had by you :-)

I did make my first web site using Frontpage and now use Expression.
GUI based web site development tools meet my personal needs.

I have even used which is easy and great (even though functionaly is limited).

I was young then, only 58 years old. Made a webpage for Bullhead City Arizona.

I am 24 now, I created my first proper website at the age I am now

About 22 years ago, built with very simple HTML and accessed the site using a browser called Mosiac.

In the age of 21 I made my first website.

i was around 15-16 years old when i learned HTML building my personal website on geocities. Wow it seems so long ago.

at 15-16, there was no web, to build sites on
I had a functioning darpanet address, but it was text only, and only useful for cable-like messages

I have a few now

My kids, "yeah our generation has all this stuff, Smartphones,the internet, impressive stuff".

Me, "What are you going to make to impress your kids, my generation made all the stuff"

they hate it, makes my day

Guess our kids will be making nano-bots or self-aware robots (aka. terminator) :-)

Or they might do something ground breaking and work on programmable matter (it was pretty awesome seeing it TF4)... and so on...

At the age of 19 I created my first webpage

My first <HTML></HTML> page was created when I was 9.

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About 30- (15+ years ago). Late starter with just html and the beginnings of css, ssi and "wtf is that" (incomprehensible perl). Addictive as hell though :) Took all day to load up a page on my dial-up.