Hi... I'm new. I mainly signed on for help with some stability issues i've been having with a new mobo. Seems like a friendly and knowledgable place for such issues.

About me... hmm.

I'm 19. I live in Kingston, PA. I recently (march 2006) graduated from Lehigh Valley College and I immediately began interviewing. Finally settled in the Wilkes-Barre area with a company named Solid Cactus. I code CSS + HTML + Javascript all day, and sometimes theres some RTML thrown in there.

RTML is Yahoo!'s proprietary language used for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions store editing. Originally created by two guys from a company called Viacom. It was written in LISP and pretty much only serves to output HTML. It has iteration, conditions, and switching functionality as well as some functions that are used to just output things like image tags in HTML. Things are named oddly in the store editor as well, like functions are templates and web pages are actually items. Though you use those templates to create the way the items look so its understandable that they are templates, but they really just act like functions.

Anyways, so my DFI Lanparty NF4-SLI DR is being a whiner about what kind of RAM I use. I am currently using some generic LG chips (2x512) in single channel mode because Windows crashes on boot in dual channel mode. :mad: I'll start a thread about this in hardware in a little bit, but thats why I'm here.

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