Hello...! dear member(s) thanks a lot for braking at me.., I am an Indian, working at Saudi Arabia as a Branch manager. I found this site very worthful with unmeasurable dignities, So, I too was keen to join you.

Usually, I am not a totally Computers Proffessonal, but as everyones knowledge in today's life it is a mandotory to have a sufficient knowledge of that, even to deal with it's irrelevant subs...

Finally, I request one and all to kindly help me in solving a problem regarding IE 6.0


From the last week I am unable to open more than one Internet Window at a time. It was perfect before. I am using Windows Server 2000.

Actions taken by me...follows...

I cleared the check box of " Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts" and also have Turned off the "Popup Blocker".


I'm not using any Yahoo Companion, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Toolbar, MSN Messenger or any other Instant Messaging Services. Just I have Google Toolbar integrated with my Address Bar. Also I have uninstalled it and tried but still the same fate. I am so tired regarding this issue....

Can anyone please help me with this subject...?

Your suggestions are respectfully welcomed at saif_isforu@yahoo.co.in

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