Hey, My name is Keil, I am 24 years of age and from New Zealand.

I have just finished my second year of the bachelor of IT and am looking foward to starting third year next month. I am also abit nervous about finishing because I still am not too sure what area of IT I want to go down, I really enjoy programming but I struggle with it sometimes and feel that I dont learn fast enough. So I feel that I need to quickly choose a path so I am ready to jump into the work force straight after I finish

Welcome and Hello! I really don't know what to say about your career, and I honestly believe that I am in no position in giving such kind of advice. Besides, I am a lot younger than you. However, I was always told to explore many things that I may have interests. So that if one thing doesn't work out well for me, I have other things I can explore. Of course, McDonald is always be one of them ( I am just joking :)).

I graduated college at a very young age, and looking back at my very short years in undergraduate and graduate studies, I wish I could have stayed there for a couple more years. I didn't even remember going out of town during my spring break, summer break,and the breaks other students wrote on their calendars. I was always worried about he cost of my education my parents have pay. I could have pretended of having a severe tooth ache for the entire semester :).

Gee, now I am watching all these people on the news they are having a great time. I often asked myself, why I didn't go there..

My only advice to you is enjoy every bit of your school days. You worry about the job after your graduation.