I wasn't sure of where to post this, so I thought that I should just post it in the lounge.

I have found opportunities for short term technical jobs in the past, and with my new schedule I have more open time in my schedule to do this. Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of luck finding these opportunities lately. I was wondering if anyone knew of a website or a company that deals with dispatching people for these repair jobs. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I'm in the Columbus, Ohio area, and I'm looking for any opportunities in that area or western Ohio. I have found these jobs before for computer troubleshooting and printer replacement. Computer networking is my speciality, so I would love to find opportunities with that, but I would not mind other areas of IT. I am working 12-hour shifts 3-4 days per week. I'll be on the night shift in about a month. This job is really steady with few schedule changes, and I would like to see what positions are out there that can supplement my income and give me experience with these types of jobs.

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