What are some features that are essential in an online photo management system ?
I have already implemented the following:
~Uploading a photo plus adding general info like a title and description ;
~Tags(Multiple) ;
~Approval/Discarding/Editing of uploaded photos by an Administrator ;
~Certain Admin tasks like adding/removing/editing tags ;
~Log number of views(just based on IP Addresses,with 30 minute cookie expiry)
~Track likes on a photo(Mapped a like to a user)

What more features are necessary
~in general(Guest) ?
~for the Admin
~for a registered user

Any feedback is appreciated! :)

how about
rating and comment system.
member playlist or view list ( member can save photos in their playlist).
flagging function where users can flag photos for immediate admin reviews
recommendation function: members can recommend they like
most viewed photos
most recommended photos
top rated photos.
most commented photos

Thanks for the reply.

~I have a likes system,just like the one on FB,should I replace that with rating,or have it as an additional feature ? (One good thing I found about rating,I don't have to keep a map of who rated a photo,just the number of ratings and the last average rating)
~Flagging system : Sounds good,will implement that.
~Recommendation : Can you elborate that a bit,please ?
~Most Viewed/Most Liked photos : There is an option to browse by tags/views/likes/title/users already.
~Comments,I will do that shortly.

Also,please say how to track views.Currently I am placing a cookie with the photo's unique identifier(like a hash) and some random text as a cookie on the browser with a 30-minute expiry time. But the user can always clear it and view it.