come on, haven't u played something more exiting such as EA FIFA 2005/6 or cricket or project igi etc etc. . .



Dungeon Siege I & II
Neverwinter Nights
Gothic II
Diablo II
Severance -- The blade of Darkness


I actually don't play many online games. I only play Conquer Online, but I want to get into CS. (I don't know if it will run on my lappy, though :( )


Diablo, Diablo II, Total Annihillation, DungeonSiege.

I have Total Annihilation but how do you play it online? I sometimes make an appointment with my friends to do a match, but do you have an way to play it?


TA can be played over the internet or a LAN. One player hosts a game (and sets the map and stuff), the others join.


my friend plays city of villains and City of heroes
i like it but have no money for subscriptions

Battlefield 2!
C&C Generals!
Far Cry!


I prefer PC\ On-line only. I did my time on consoles (1000's of hours on a PlayStation-One until I ran its poor, worn-out CD device into the ground :lol:-- it served me well)

I moved to PC casually where I discovered MMORPG's; currently I play a game called FLYFF (Fly For Fun) It is quite fun and entertaining; cartoonish, Japanese graphics meets D&D-- just what I like. :cheesy:

Arnold L.


my friend plays city of villains and City of heroes

Great game, City of Heroes.

I strongly advise to players who want to play an MMORPG that does NOT include faerie magicks and orcs and talking trees and etc.

City of Heroes is simple, well built for teamplay, and this simplicity makes it a great choice for novices to the genre. At the same time, the functions of the game can be utilized by a professional to aim for a perfect build. It works via a system of archetypes and powers that I think worked extremely well, and makes for creating a hero that you can call yours, I guess. ;) [Mind the cool costume designing system, too.]

It takes time, but this is a game that should keep you going for the sake of the excellent community that's flourished within it.

Can't play Villains too much, though. Pretty depressing zones. :cheesy:


I find talking trees sacrilegious to my utilitarian nihilism. :D

Whoa, now those are some cool games you have come up with.... :mrgreen:


Funny you mention it, I was planning this thing in a postapocaylptic future where the only hopes of survival involve utilitarian ideals. Survival is possible through rebuilding civilization and such, scavenging materials off fallen enemies.

Free choice, and everything. Kill anyone or anything, blow up any structure. Anything to help you live, etc. The point of it is to get people to realize they have to start working for each other, opposed to themselves, to get things done and to go anywhere. Hence the utilitarianism, which I have a lot of faith in. This philosophy not only includes the "greatest happiest for the greatest number" idea, but criticism on what exactly is efficient and useful. Well, if you want to find out a little more on the subject, check it out on wikipedia. :D


Yea, seems fairly accurate.

The most critical parts of the game will be the physic realism to everything, make the world under you a manipulable object, and stuffs. Hard programming. Demanding system requirements, too.

I tried out Auto Assault, since the game came out two years after I started considering what I'd call "Skavenger." Fortunately, Auto Assault isn't exactly what I had in mind, so I feel a little better going with this project.

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