Last week, my Mom told me to clean our garage. When I woke up the following morning, I noticed a big disgusting pimple on my jaw line. As most adults always say, my Mom told to keep my fingers off of it and so I obliged.

At the moment, I am pretty horrified, terrified and petrified by this pimple that won't go away. The problem is that this pimple is now getting pretty big. I mean it is humongous. Nothing have grown on my face like this before. My friends told me to wait for the eye to show up, but there is nothing I could see that look like an eye on it?

I called our family doctor, but they can't take me in until next week. I also purchased some really expensive Retin A as suggested by another friend but to no avail.

can somebody please advice me ... thanks for reading..

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Put Desitin on it.

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Put Desitin on it.

I'd also say wait for the eye to show up .. avoid real life contacts! :p

I don't know if this helps but I highly recommend for you to constantly wash yourself properly with soap and cold water. It helps prevent the growth of such things like you are dealing with atm.

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Thanks for all of your advice. :). I was depressed all about this for days. The doctor told me he will surgically remove this thing by next week :).

@Dani - Thanks, I bought the rapid relief desitin 2 oz tube pack.
@Slavi - I have been waiting for the eyes for days, but nothing showed up. Thanks :).
@<M/> - Yes, I constantly wash my face more than I should. I am a germophobic with excessive hand washing disorder. Thanks :).

Thanks, I bought the rapid relief desitin 2 oz tube pack.

No, not that one :( Sorry I wasn't more specific. Buy the one in the purple container that contains 40% zinc oxide. Or buy the generic version that is simply labeled 'Zinc Oxide'. Zinc targets the immune system and has healing properties, and in the form of zinc oxide, it reduces redness and inflammation without drying out the skin and acts as a protective barrier to allow healing. Since it's the summertime, I also recommmend buying facial suntan lotion that has zinc oxide.

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Buy the one in the purple container

I am guessing Daniweb sponsors that one... bud dum tiss (drum sound)

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Zinc ... acts as a protective barrier to allow healing.

LOL, just like it is used to coat metal to prevent corrosion!
Also zinc oxide != aqueous zinc, smearing zinc oxide on the surface of your skin (thick layer of dead cells & keratin strands) results in little to no aqueous zince entering your living cells so it won't affect the immune system. However, zinc oxide is somewhat anti-bacterial and reflects visible light & UV (it is a white coloured powder).

to the OP: there many potential causes of pimples : bug bites, allergic reaction, skin infection, or just oils clogging your pores, etc.. Remedies & creams only work on a few and can aggravate others. Most try to treat bacterial infection and clogged pores but can aggravate allergies.

BTW, It could also be an ingrown hair.