I am starting a not-for-profit to help disabled veterans. To fund it I have set up a call center and need help integrating Callfire call center and ZohoCRM. If anyone would cosider helping me out I would appreciate it.

Not really, I need to use an API I can't afford to use a web app like this.

Have you talked to Wounded Warrior Project?

This is a very good thing. I'm sorry I can not help. Good luck to you! Let do it!

Thank you for your replies. I finally decided to get away from Callfire and use Zoho exclusively. So this issue is solved by that decision.
I have contacted Wounded Wariors and other non-profits but, they are interested in their own missions. I can understand that.
Thanks for the well wishes. If anyone would be willing volunter to assist with IT issues, please feel free to contact me.
Thanks to all!

Thanks for letting us know.