Greetings Daniweb constituents.
I'm a kid who grew up with computers in my home when that was not the norm. I could type my name before I could write it and received my first email address in 1981. My father knew it was time to upgrade his computer when he got more than one phone call a week where I asked him again to talk me through rebooting the computer because I had crashed it. We're talking using a 5" floppy boot disk in drive 1, place disk 2 in 2nd drive, remove disk 1 and place essentially OS disk in drive 1. After he gave up, bought the bullet and brought home a terminal with drives, opposed to the terminal that connected to the hard drive at work. The day I crashed the mainframe at work was not a good day. After being kicked out of typing class on the electronic typewritter 13 times in 3 weeks because I jammed the machine, the principal finally put me in front of the one computer in the school, a brand new Apple IIe. When it crashed, I got a new class.
My father was very dissapointed when I abondoned the trouble shooting I'd helped him with for 15 years and went to school in education. I am known and loved as a teacher. I'll take any level you want as long as I don't have to keep them all day long in one room. Give me your problem children and they'll excell, give me your bored tag kids, and they too will excell. I love it.
However, life happens. After 7 years of classroom teaching experienced life's circumstances that landed me what the state calls legally unemployable. So what does the child of the 80's do who can no longer use her masters or double bachelor or any of the certifications she has in health and safety, land and water? Falls back on what was easy. Computer programming and then web design. Web design that I'd been doing for 10 years, with no official training. Today, I have that pretty piece of paper and freelance.
My current project is creating search engines on websites, creating login systems is on the back burnner [have one should work, it doesn't. not sure where I stuck it]
More than you ever wanted to know.
But another day as Paul Harvey would say "I'll bring you the rest of the story"

Carry on Watson!

Hello and welcome.

Hahahaha, welcome Heidi. What do you mean by creating search engines on websites??

Weclome. That's quite an intro :)

Creating search engines on a website- being able to search a website. The main one I'm working on for that is for a costume shop, so being able to enter a keyword like wizard of oz, or fairy, and have it display the images of costumes that match, that have those key words associated with them.
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