Clif40Rd Here

Hi there! Clifford was my dad's name, too.

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Hello and welcome!

Thanks For The Warm Welcome :)........I'd Also Just Like To Mention That Im No IT Expert, Programmer, Web Developer Or Anything Im Actually A High School Student In My Final Year And I Take I.T As a Subject(But Would Love To Enter The Field Once Im Done With High School,I Just Love Information Technology), At The Moment Im Busy With An Important IT Project, So I Thought It would Be Clever To 'Surround' Myself With Techies Like Yourselves. :)

That's cool. What's with all the capitalisation though :)

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Greetings Clifford. Hello and welcome. Enjoy!

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Oh the days of high school and education aha - very long time ago!

Honestly the stuff we used to get up to at uni lol....

At The Moment Im Busy With An Important IT Project,

What sort of project are you doing?

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Its A project that involves creating a database management system for a non profit organisation and also a graphical user Interface for the users to interact with the database.......But I'm kind of having a problem because our I.T teacher hardly taught any of us any database manipulation coding and he left to go teach another school and not only is the WHOLE program database based it's due next week and I don't know a thing.

Good luck to you! :)
What database is that? Mysql, mssql, asses or other?

I'm sure you'll at least find a few other interesting subjects around here that you might be able to "branch off" into if you stick around for a bit.

Well yes indeed Iwould love to but the problem I'm having is the fact that I stay in a different time zone so it's complicated.

Hello and welcome. Actually I am a newbie in the forum and I came here to this post when I just saw introction sectiion. It was nice to meet yopu all and Clif4ord, best of luck for your project work.