Why "chile" instead of "child"?
Is it a kind of slang?

I'm going to quote Wikipedia on this one.

"Voodoo Chile" uses a phonetical approximation of "child" pronounced without the "d", a spelling that was also used for Hendrix's song "Highway Chile".

not slang,
a dialect,
complete enough to be a distinct language.

Slaves werent taught, the local patois are phonetic representation of the owner's English, Many dropped terminating consonants, dropped dipthongs. Anglicised Creole, mixed with many words from West African languages

now why did I read that as "voodoo chili" and my mouth started watering :)


could you please produce several other examples of such language "distortion"?

these are not distortions, they are dialects, languages. they developed precisely the same way as all the major languages, just accelerated by the need for immediate communication under stress. A little reading would have shown the derivation of these, and all other languages, without the need for such an offensively phrased question

creole : americas
pidgin : americas
cargo : pacific islands
kanaka : pacific islands
patwa : carribean
aave : africa
ebonics : americas

french : latin; greek, english
english : latin, greek, french, german, dutch, hindi, bantu, polynesian,

every language is the result of the interatction with others

could you please produce several other examples of such language "distortion"?

beef and mutton : both distortions of the french "boeuf" and "mouton"
cajun (originally: Acadian)
brick : brique
chair : chaise

There are countless other examples of distorting either the spelling or pronounciation of words from other languages in English (some 40-50% of english words are claimed to be from french)

French in turn originates from Latin and old Gallic languages.
"It's all Greek to me!"

could you please produce several other examples of such language "distortion"?

How about the entire English language is a distortion of Middle English which was a distortion of - well, you get the idea the distortion goes back Sumerian/Hindi. Even East Coast (USAIAN)language distortions (dialects) can be traced to the century that those areas were colonized by the British; from New England to Florida.

It is amazing how much of your thought processes are built right into your question and scare quotes - OMG, what were you thinking when you wrote "distortion"

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stimulate your mind Xantipus,
how fast could you learn to communicate with another person, if they whipped you at every word until you answered.

you may not learn rules of grammar, but you would make yourself understood

bantu, hutu, tutsi, the only language in common is the one speed taught, it would be used by neccessity

Xantipus(from Belarus) probably used a russian english dictionary or google translate and came up with the word distortion, which has of course(or should I write off course :D ) different connotations then what he meant. I have to be aware of myself as English is also not my native speak.

There is another famous saying about Jimi: In Purple Haze he sings

Purple haze, all in my brain
Lately things they don't seem the same
Actin' funny, but I don't know why
Excuse me while I kiss the sky

The lastest sentence is often misheard as Excuse me while I kiss this guy
He was probably so "high" he could not sing very accurate. I guess the same happened with child and chile.