What do you think on this fact?

Every generation has it's own music. It's not unexpected.

And given that jazz is the musical equivalent of shoving random sharp objects into your ears until they bleed, probably a good thing.

Erm, can you tell I am not a fan of jazz? >;-)

I'm with you except for some big band, some Brubeck and some Mancini. John Coltrane should be considered cruel and unusual punishment akin to waterboarding.

help me to understand the exact meaning of the Hendrix's words

During the same interview, when asked if he had ever seen Pink Floyd perform, Hendrix replied: "I've heard they have beautiful lights but they don't sound like nothing."[202] In 1970, during his final interview he commented: "They're doing a different type of music. They're doing more of a space type of thing, I mean inner space"

oh/// kids, you dont know what the help was to Russia from UK, in WWII
Even love stories occured/ with british sailors

And that has what to do with this thread, exactly?

All that jazz!
You obviously wanted something else in your life.