Very interesting :D
I am:
- music geek (when I'm not a geek, I'm a rock star)
- circus geek (trying to learn magic tricks, joggling and unicycling)
- sauna geek (I go to sauna at least once a day)


honestly three just won't cut it but...

1) video games
2) art (comics, photography)
3) movies

...but seriously computers is #1


cwarn, what's your super-geek power?

I asked my msn contacts and they say Gettin' the girls' but IMO I believe the power is (((2^1023)-1)+(2^1023)) which is the same as (2^1024)-1 if you got the correct bit rate and cpu to calculate. That's my brain cpu power. With this power I have been able to write rather complicated programs with the longest variable name been 7 characters short int which can do pretty good things like a bot that scans the web and deciphers web pages from images and movies. But with great power comes great responsibility. In this case it means to make sure everybody benefits and not just the one who started it. So as the guy from lord of the rings would say, the one geek to change them all. Hope that explains it.


Hey I'm Bri!
I'm best described as a "closet geek". Won the senior award for excellence in technology and my closest friends thought it was a joke! Haha I'm a geek at heart- just don't show it till I have to ;)


Exactly ;) only unveiled when need be- but I'm not afraid to use it. Haha

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giving reputation is cool and earns you points ;)

Rugby geek
Beer geek
More beer geek
Leaving my smelly socks all over the house geek
Chemistry geek

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Hooray for beer!

Do you have a secret weapon? 0.o Though I guess it wouldn't be so secret if you told me ;)


being a closet geek is not really a secret weapon. if i told you mine it wouldn't be a secret.


OK I'll tell you my secret weapon: My secret weapon is that I don't really have a secret weapon, but it sounds intimidating and can make your opponent edgy ;)
It's now just a weapon...that...won't work anymore... :P

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