There are, I know, a good many UK based DaniWeb members. So, if I were to organise a UK meet, who would be interested in turning up?

If you are interested, can you please indicate your preference of when and where? For example, a weekend in London, daytime or evening, pub or somewhere like a meeting room at the Science Museum, you get the idea.

I'm thinking a way ahead here, with a view to something happening after the summer when the kids have all gone back to school.

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hmmm having just joined i might be interested in going and getting to know some of the other members. Sounds good, but all depends :)


If the 'depends' relates to timing, location/venue etc perhaps you could start the ball rolling and suggest your preferences and absolute nots?

Would London be preferable for you, or somewhere more provincial?


Yeah i guess london would be the best idea seeing as it is central, and obviosly there would be lots of venues there. My summer (probably the same as everyone else's) is pretty packed so like you said before, sometime after the summer would be best.


Yup yup sounds good. GIves a lot of time to arange it then :) . Also, i was just wondering how these things have gone in the past :confused:


This would be the first DaniWeb UK meet, as far as I am aware, so there is no history to draw upon.

However, another UK community I am part of (Compulink Information eXchange - better known as CIX) has an annual members BBQ which is organised by and for the membership. It is hugely successful, with hundreds of members turning up each year with their families in tow.

Of course, the lack of any response other than from you and I might suggest that a DaniWeb UK meet might not be a huge gathering. :)

Let's wait and see if any momentum builds in the coming weeks.


Hello Dave, you're my wife now.

Sorry, the avatar got the better of me :)

What would you reckon to a Xmas party type affair, held somewhere suitably geeky in London?



Hmmm, would it make sense to wait until theres a decent amount of interest then look at the spread of people before we decide on a city?

I don't know London too well so can't really reccomend a venue.

Definately sounds a good idea though.


Hmmm, would it make sense to wait until theres a decent amount of interest then look at the spread of people before we decide on a city? I don't know London too well so can't really reccomend a venue.

Oh, for sure.

I was really just getting an idea of interest as we go along, sort of a running debate WRT location if you like.


Whohoo you can count me in, what about the Microsoft campus in Reading ? but London's cool with me too. (I'm easily pleased he he)

Come on UK members where are you all lurking ???


Whohoo you can count me in, what about the Microsoft campus in Reading?

Good idea.

I've got contacts with the PR people for all the major tech players in the UK, sol there is always the chance of some kind of corporate sponsorship/tie-in to help with venue.

Another idea I had was something at the Museum of Computing in Swindon, for example...


Scott, you are now officially categorised as 'weird' my friend...

i prefer the term 'special' :p

but come on.. it is where i live after all :)


Well, I for one would be interested. I work in Soho (NO, NO, NO - not THAT kind of work - I'm in the post-production business) so anywhere near there or Central London would be ideal for me.



I suspect we should be able to organise something, somewhere, that suits enough of the UK crowd to be worthwhile...

Now while I have your attention people, where are all the UK bloggers? The $250 Amazon voucher prize is open to all, but you have to get blogging this month to win it!

Plug over :)


You can count me in. I would prefer London. I suggest maybe October time - pub? I'll talk to my daughter who's more expert of these things.


sounds good, surely london would be the best option as its easier to get to, more rail links etc, although the microsoft event in reading sounds good too? hummmm...... lol


I suspect that London will be the easiest and most convenient for the majority of folk.

As for date, I am still thinking of something in early December so as to be an early Xmas party type affair (without leaving it too late and getting caught up in the Xmas party crush.)



that means we have to wait sooooooooooo long lol but hey we can all join in this ol' waiting game lmao, how about the carwash, thats in london not until feb tho - not to sure, would be great fun tho :cheesy: ha you just know everyone would be looking for those shoes with the fish in - hmmmmm note to self ; feed fish inside shoes soon!
ah well seems like ive been on this ere earth place far to long, :rolleyes: must dash lmao

darren :cool:


Now you have lost me, must be getting too old :eek:


Fish shoes?

I know that it all seems an age away, December and all, but if we are going to do this thing it takes time to organise properly - and there isn't that much between then and now. Of course, there is the small matter of if it is worth doing given the very small positive response so far from UK members...


If you want help organising pm me.

I guess we need to think about format too, maybe we could tag on the end of some other larger event that's already organised ?

I believe you attend all sorts of Tech Bashes happygeek.


All sorts indeed, and your offer of help is appreciated.

I will consult the schedules and see what is coming up around November/December...


To be honest, this is looking less and less like being worth organising, as an official event anyway. There just hasn't been enough interest in terms of numbers of people to make it viable.

Of course, that doesn't mean that some kind of informal get together of UK based DaniWebbers (is that a good collective noun do you think?) is out of the question.

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