The state of Texas received enough rain in 2 days to cover the entire state of Rhode Island with 10 feet of water.

The smoke is thick in the valley from all the forest fires in California.

A lot of flooding and drought in the US, the media seems to blame it on global warming.

Halifax. I give you Halifax...

lol only just seen this.
Sorry friend, I don't want it.
Try the heart foundation, they might take it.

I trade you Halifax for any swell California wild fire.

I keep reading that parts of Europe are experiencing a sizzling summer with record heat. I wonder if other parts of the world notice in increase in heat?

It SNOWED in Queensland,,,,, snowed,, don't think they noticed an increase in heat
but definitely noticed climate change

Luckily earth will run out of petrol and gas before we destroy it completely ... All these environmental agreements isn't really any progressive step forward , but just a rough look to a near future with no such energy resources. Earthquakes and volcanoes are natural disasters ( I have some knowledge of the first and I don't like it heheh) , the other disasters are man made as we don't conceive our selves as part of nature.

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We've had rain, rain, rain in Wales for millennia. No change. If we had a single warm day sometime - anytime, then I would support the theory of Climate Change. At the moment, it seems to be something that happens elsewhere.

@diafol: Try Belgium for a change. Here in my region, no rain whatsoever for the moment. If it continues that way this is going to look like California...
Normaly the summers here are rather rainy.

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Fancy a swap?

No thanks. Thanks for the offer anyway. :) I was even planning to emigrate to Spain! Kidney problems caused me to decide it is better to stick around here.
But by all means: come to Belgium! The best french fries, the best and the most kinds of beer and the best food in the world!

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I agree with the fries. The beer - er - yes, OK, I'll grant that you have some pretty amazing brews. Best food in the world? I've just come back from Italy, so it'll take some convincing, heh heh. Haven't been over in about 20 years. Last time I was arrested in Leuven square at 5am, but later released w/out charge. It had to do with sumo wrestling and a missing towel.

OK I admit, Italy is very very good on food too. :)