Just wanted to say hello to Daniweb. Finally, I have the time to sign up for an account. Veedeoo keeps on bugging everyday to join this great community, but I was always been busy.

hello and welcome

Hey, Mr. LDA AKA geegler from github welcome to Daniweb. Can you please show us how to develop an application using a PHP router e.g. front controller and dispatcher. I wrote a tutorial on basic MVC, but it is pretty much the same classes that we did long time ago. If it is not too much to ask, it would be nice if you can write an article about the CodeIgniter modularization like the HMVC.

Thanks for accepting my invitation.

Hi there and welcome. Any friend of veedeoo is a friend of mine! :-P

It would be more beneficiary markjohnson if you were to start a new community introduction thread so we may properly greet you. I would also suggest reading Daniwebs's rules. I would provide a link to the rules , however I am using an iPad.