I am 64 and a retired subvet( which is what most of my computer work is done for.
I also taught Voc Ed. to a high school for kids in trouble with the law.
Was a paramedic for almost 10 years.
Also had an AC business and built houses in the past.
I have no formal training on computers, but because of friends that do, I have been maintaining some webpages for about 12,000 subvets. So I'll probably be asking for more help than giving it.
Glad to find this place. I found it because of trying to remember what I did when my printer wouldn't print correctly what was on the screen. I'll still have to look that up.

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Hehe ... welcome to DaniWeb! Good luck with both your printer and website ... I'm sure we can help you out with both.


Hi William, welcome aboard the DaniWeb bus - may it take you on many interesting and informative journeys.

I don't believe for a moment that you will be unable to help others here, your lifetime of varied experience suggests quite the opposite. I suspect you are undervaluing yourself!

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