Hi all, I'd really like some brutally honest feedback about whether you think a service for managing the website creation process would be something you would be interested in? See our "pitch" below...and maybe our validation page. If you'd like to see more details, I'd be glad to share mockups etc...

Thanks in advance!

**Are you annoyed by the whole process thing and just want to enjoy being creative? **

Beewits.com is a brand new startup and we will be working on exciting project built just for freelancers and agencies who build websites.

One of the most frustrating parts of building a site is managing the process, and this service will help people like us rest assured that we'll manage to handle all the steps needed when launching a site: from buying a domain name, to keyword research, site deployment, the setup of Analytics, Webmaster Tools and whatever else in between. I'd appreciate it greatly if you could head over to our site (it's still very early days) and drop me a line if you have any feedback, ideas, pitfalls etc