The year is about to end..

It is time to start voting for your favorite game..

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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, it's about 1 year thata this game came up to online massive playing, and it has been very accepted from fans.

According to me, Dota2, Path of Exile, League of Legends, Super Crate Box

Destiny, COD AW, GTA 5, Battlefield series

For me, has to be CoD:AW on Xbox Live. I play Kill Confirmed mainly, and am currently ranked 1250 out of 1.9 million players which isn't bad for an old grandad :)

Your ranked 1250 overall or just in kill confirmed?

Thats my man Happygeek I love COD AW plus i play on Xbox Live i actually dont know your Gamertag though

<M/> Just in Kill Confirmed, don't play any other game type. Have broken the 1K barrier, now up to 825 out of the 2.18 million who have played KC. I probably play too much :)

You mean the ones that you collect dog tags

Awesome! I might play when my Xbox decides not to disconnect me all the time

For me it's Dragon Nest; fast-paced action based MMO FTW!

Id say COD AW because im better at that than BO2

right now, am playing elsword anime game

Just got evolve... it's an awesome game.

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Has anyone played 'playable teaser.' Oh man that is one messed up game.

commented: I thought it was a pretty easy game tbh :P +0

Clash of Clans for me! There are over 15 of us from my hometown of Winnipeg that play together. We war a lot together and have a lot of fun. My friend, The Shoe Guy, bought 10 of us shirts with our gamer tags on them, a nice Stuugie shirt for me.

Yeah, we take this shit seriously lol.

I thought it was a pretty easy game tbh :P

<M/> By by messed up I meant, physchologically messed up!! The puzzles weren't too bad. If this is the prequel to SH4 then SH4 should be one helleva game!

Best online game of this year defenetly DayZ and the Division !

Dota2 , WoW, Elder Scrolls Online

evolve, GTA V, Tom Clansys

If you need to find out games that are super popular (even if only for a few weeks) just look at the most viewed games on . League of Legends is almost always the number 1 most viewed, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive or Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft are most likely numbers 2 and 3 (Dota 2 comes up every once in a while when a big tournament is going on), but there will be some days when games like Pokemon Blue are in the top most played because of some random events like "Twitch Plays Pokemon", or other games that get good notoriety from popular streamers, like ARK or any other games that are popular for a couple days.

FIFA :D. I love that game.